The Contest is open to U.S. residents who, on the date of entry, are at least 18 years of age or older.

Contest Period and Description of Contest.

The Contest is open daily beginning at 12:00am EST and ending at 11:59pm EST (Contest Period). You may join the Contest at any time if there are eligible games available to select from and the minimum criteria can be met. PickEm reserves the right to cancel Contests, in our sole discretion, without any restrictions. The objective is to have the highest percentage of accurately chosen winning games at the end of the day. This is based on your total win percentage and your total number of games picked. For example, player A with 9 wins at 100% will win over Player B with 8 wins at 100%. A tie will split the prize equally.

Acceptance of Rules and Terms. 

By submitting an Entry (defined below) each participant agrees that he or she has reviewed and accepts these rules (“Rules”) and PickEm’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Each Participant agrees to abide by these Rules and the decisions of PickEm, which are final and binding in all respects.


All eligible participants (“Participants”) entering the Contest must comply with our Terms of Service and these Rules. Participants may enter as outlined in the Section “How to Enter” below.
a. The Contest is open to U.S. residents who, on the date of entry, are at least 18 years of age or older (19 or older in NE, AL, DE, NE, 21 or older in Mississippi).
b. The officers, directors and employees of PickEm, its subsidiaries and affiliated companies, advertising, promotional and judging agencies, persons engaged in the development, production or distribution of materials for these Contests, are not eligible to participate in the Contest except for the sole purpose of testing the Website user experience, socializing with customers to build community and other reasonable and fair uses at the discretion of PickEm. Such persons may not be awarded prize money.

How to Enter.

To enter the Contest, Participants must have a registered PickEm account and enter through the PickEm.com website or using the PickEm mobile application. Participants may enter any Contest by making selections across all listed contest games (“Eligible Games”). Participants will need to pick a minimum of three (3) selections (which team will win and/or over under) across all Eligible Games in any league in order to enter the Contest (“Entry”). Participants who do not enter a minimum of three (3) picks, will not be able to submit and enter. Participants may have as many picks as they would like above and beyond the 3 pick minimum. Once an Entry is submitted, Participants may not cancel their entry. Participants may, however, make changes to their Entry any time up until the start of the Eligible Game.
PickEm shall not be liable for any problems that occur during the entry process, including without limitation, late, incomplete, delayed, undelivered, or misdirected entries, and shall not have any obligation to advise an entrant of an incomplete, invalid, or undeliverable submission. No illegible, incomplete, forged, or altered entries will be accepted.
Limit One (1) Entry per person per Contest during the Contest Period. Limit One (1) Bonus/Free Play entry per person per Contest during the Contest Period. Any instance of registering multiple accounts on PickEm in order to gain more than one Entry into the Contest will result in automatic disqualification from the Contest as well as potential suspension from PickEm.
All games will be graded per Las Vegas standards as far as general grading rules and overtime situations apply.
If there’s a true draw, where two or more entrants have identical winning percentages (and they fall within the payout percentile) and have an identical total number of games picked in a day, then the prizes will be evenly divided amongst those winners.
You can also deselect as many spreads, totals and props as you want to, if you do so before the games go off the board regardless of any major lines moves or lines changes.

Selection of Winners.

For each contest, Participants with the highest percentage of accurately chosen winning games at the end of the day will be deemed the winners. The highest win percentages are calculated using the total win percentage and the total number of games picked.
  • Example 1, player A with 9 accurately selected picks (100%) will win over Player B with 8 accurately selected picks (100%) A tie(s) will split the prizes equally.
  • Example 2: Player A with 3 wins and 0 loss (100%) will win over Player B with 11 wins and 1 loss (91.96%)
  • Example 3: Player A with 3 wins and 0 losses (100%) will win over Player B with 2 wins and 1 Push (100%)


For each contest, the top 10 placements will be paid out.
See the example chart for a $20 contest:
  • 1st Place $500
  • 2nd Place $150
  • 3rd Place $100
  • 4th Place $55
  • 5th Place $45
  • 6th Place $40
  • 7th Place $35
  • 8th Place $30
  • 9th Place $25
  • 10th Place $20

In the event of Players Tie:

For example Player A, Player B and Player C all come in 1st Place. The sum of $500 + $150 + $100/3 = $250 will be awarded to Player A, Player B and Player C equally. Regardless of the Winning placement of the players who have ties, the sum will be added then divided by the number of players who tied for that Place.
In a separate example, if Player A, Player B and Player C all come in 3rd Place, the sum of $100 + $55 + $45 = $200. $200/3 = $66.67 will be awarded to each Player.

A Game ending in a Tie/Push:

In the event a game ends in a Tie,
If a Player selects the Underdog +Points Spread, the selection will be graded as a WIN

A Postponement:

In the event of a Postponement, the Game will be labeled ‘Pending’ on PickEm’s Leaderboard results, however it will not be calculated in the WIn nor Loss percentage. Example: Player A has 3 wins and 0 losses (100%). Player B has 2 wins and 1 Postponement. Player A will result in a higher standing result than Player B.

Lines and Spread:

Picking Teams:
When picking the Team Favorite Points Spread, it means the team that you’ve picked must win by higher the amount of points at the time you picked. Note, the Point Spread May change at anytime throughout the day and up to the scheduled game time. You may change, add or replace any of your picks before scheduled game time begins.
Subject to verification of eligibility and compliance with the terms of these Official Rules, the potential winners will be declared the official Winners of each Contest and will split the Contests Cash Prize. All decisions of PickEm regarding the Contest and the application of these Rules are final and binding.
Any Cash Prize will be deposited into the winner's PickEm account. Participant may request a payout of winnings which will be deposited into Participant’s PayPal, Venmo or CashAppaccount. PickEm processes payments within 24 hours. However, PayPal and Venmo usually take 1 to 5 business days to transfer funds into your account. In some cases, user will incur PayPal or Venmo fees for receiving payments. This is typically dependent on the type of account user has or location of their account. PickEm will not absorb any payment fees. The user is responsible for changing their account if they would like to avoid future fees.
If a Winner in a Contest forfeits or is disqualified for any reason, the cash prize for that entry will be forfeited.
Each Winner is solely responsible for all federal, state, and local taxes and other fees associated with his or her receipt and use of a Cash Prize. No substitution, assignment or transfer of prize is permitted, except by PickEm, who reserves the right to substitute the prize with another prize of greater or equal value if Cash Prize cannot be awarded as stated. PickEm will withhold and/or report taxes as required by the applicable law of PickEm’s jurisdiction. Taxes and fees, if any, are the sole responsibility of the prize winner(s).
Prizes and Odds: Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received on a contest basis, during the Contest Period. The maximum number of entries for any contest is 65. Cash Prizes will be deposited into the Winners’ PayPal or Venmo account. PickEm processes payments within 24 hours. However, PayPal and Venmo usually take 1 to 5 business days to transfer funds into your account Applicable Rules and Winner’s List: For any legally required winners’ list, send a self- addressed stamped envelope (unless otherwise prohibited by local law) to:
PickEm Contests
PO Box: 526
Red Bank, NJ
Address: PickEm is headquartered in Red Bank, NJ
All such requests must be received within three (3) months after the end of the contest / sweepstakes.